Thursday, March 9, 2017

NLP Subconscious ReImprinting For Wealth & Wellness Mastery

Do you want to reprogram your mind for Wellness and Wealth. If yes, here is a new two audio CD courses having 20 studio recorded audio commands/exercises.

As we know that all the wealth lies in the mind. It is necessary to install new beliefs and creativity in the mind and also delete the patterns of past failures and negative beliefs.

Ten audio commands/exercises for Wealth Mastery helps you develop your mind set for money.

Also, we need to reprogram our mind for wellness as well.

As we are living in the 21st century and face a number of issues like anxiety, stress and depression, we need to reprogram our mind for emotional and mental wellness.

Ten audio commands/exercises for Wellness Mastery will help you erase the patterns of anxiety, stress and depression, and also install the patterns of wellness and happiness.

You can get this pack of two audio courses with 20 studio recorded commands for just Rs 990 (Free Home Delivery in India) though the actual MRP is 2500.

You save 60%.

If interested, you can call Kusum +91-9873155244. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Treat Depression with 7 NLP SubConscious ReImprinting Steps

Depression poses a lot of challenges for the person who suffers from it. It kills creativity and also suppresses immune system, which further leads to various diseases in the body. It affects health, money and relationships. 

In fact, depression is the result of the subconscious imprints of past pain, guilt or losses. These imprints become ongoing unresolved issues in the mind and keep killing the energy of positive life. What we need to is to eliminate these patterns off the subconscious mind.
Once we erase those patterns and implant the new ones of 'Hope' and delightfulness, the person starts enjoying new patterns of positivity. 

Here are seven NLP SubConscious ReImprinting steps that will help you come out of these painful syndromes of depression.

Step 1: Redefining Depressing Past

Step 2: Installing a ‘New Delightful YOU’ in Your Subconscious Mind

Step 3: Building Ultimate Patterns of ‘Hope’

Step 4: Exploring the Purpose & Values of the ‘New Delightful YOU’

Step 5. Handling Unwanted and Depressing Internal Sounds and Anxiety

Step 6: Creating Internal Synaesthesia of Delightfulness and Happiness

Step 7. Developing the Subconscious Triggers of Delightfulness

If you are interested in coming out of depression, here are two options;
Option One: You can go for personal NLP counselling for Depression with me in Mumbai and Delhi, or
Option Two: You can ask for the Audio Course with 7 NLP SubConscious ReImprinting Exercises that will be launched shortly in April 2017.

What you can do is just give us a call ....91-9873155244 or visit my website

Monday, March 6, 2017

Treating Depression with Subconscious Power

Depression is becoming a big threat to humanity as more and more people are falling victim to it. Depression is a situation of the mind when the subconscious perceives more painful patterns than the pleasurable ones.

The main reason is that people keep storing more and more subconscious imprints of pain, guilt, regret or uncertainty. The person may have been holding some painful memories of the past, or uncertainty of future. There may be a situation where the person thinks that the ongoing challenge of present is bigger than his resources.

This continuous negative engagement of the subconscious mind changes the whole patterns of the hormonal discharge also. The immune system is suppressed or confused because of this depression and the person is at the verge of various diseases like diabetes or even cancer.

Today what we need is to get rid of these negative subconscious imprints and install the delightful imprints in our subconscious mind. This where you need to learn subconscious re-imprinting.

There are a number of wonderful exercises of human wellness that can help you to not only delete the patterns of your depression but also enjoy the ultimate mental, emotional and physical wellness.

The first and foremost is 'Pacing Yourself'.

Pacing means to enter your own inner world. It is wonderful exercise to take your awareness to your inner world and learn as to what is going on inside you. It is like being an observer to your own world. To observe the sensations, vibrations, tensions, in your body and the images and audios in your mind. It is to find as to what your inner world wants to convey to you.

Once you do it, you start getting the hidden message that were going unanswered or unaddressed.

Once you start pacing yourself, you need to go ahead with various other subconscious exercises like Reframing or Anchoring with Submodalities.