Friday, February 5, 2016

Identity and Your Health

Your identity is your sense of yourself; who you are. Have you ever thought as to what defines you and your mission in life? It is always your identity. Your identity is the central beliefs and values that define you in your own eyes.
We must understand the role of our identity in our journey of becoming rich, successful, healthy and happy.
Let us find how our wellness is defined by our identity.
If someone has a chronic illness, he/she may adopt the identity of ‘a patient’ (though this identity is usually given by the medical professionals even when we have as slight health challenge like common cold). This hampers recovery of the patient because a patient is a person who is ill. And as long as he/she thinks of themselves as a patient (holding this reality at the subconscious level), they are still ill.
To heal ourselves fast and comfortably, we need to understand that a person is neither his illness, though the illness may be overwhelming at times. The illness is the state of the mind and body at a particular moment of time. This state of illness id usually demonstrated in the form of disease. We need to understand it in the sane same way as we are not our anger or frustration etc. They are just states of mind and do not reflect our identity.
Just keep in awareness, that any illness is just a process that you are passing through and you have all the resources to alter it. And also, on the other hand, ‘I am a healthy person’ is an identity statement that can have a tremendous impact on your health.