Saturday, July 2, 2016

Subconscious Power and State of Certainty

It was a counselling session of a student preparing for his competitive examination. He had a special experience of losing his state during exam and committing silly mistakes. It further weakened his confidence thus creating feeling of uncertainty.

I helped the student as to what he want during the exam. He said the state of 'certainty'. According to him, if he is certain of his outcome, he will do better in exams.

What i did was to ask the student find out an activity wherein he is sure or certain that he will do or can do that activity in any situation. Once he found i asked hi, to explore the submodalities of the activities. I found that the submodalities of the certain activity were bright, close and near while the submodalities of the exam were dim and away.

having explored these submodalities, i asked the student to make the submodalities of the exam bright, near and bright. Once he did it, it was a confident smile on his face. He now deep down knows that the required programming at the subconscious programming is made.