Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ignite your mind for wealth @ NLP

Our unconscious mind has symbols for everything; be it for relationship, money, future, life or health. These symbols are known as the 'metaphors'.

Our mind consistently take commands from these metaphors and create the ultimate reality in this world. To understand your metaphor for money; just think of money and notice what comes to your mind! some picture, phrase, word or anything. What is it? What say is the quality of the picture? black and white, small, still photograph or what? What says the inner mind? 'Money is struggle', 'i don't belong to money', 'money doesn't belong to me' or what?

This is the inner reality in form of metaphor that designs your outer reality.
NLP helps you to replace weak or unresourceful metaphors into the resourceful metaphors. Think for a moment when your mind says; 'money is in abundance' 'i belong to money' , 'money belongs to me', 'supply of money to me is consistent and in plenty'.

Do you want to change your inner minds metaphors, attend next NLP Workshop by Ram Verma at Delhi-India.

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