Sunday, July 21, 2013

8 year old girl creates miracle@NLP-Mindmapping

It is a wonderful feeling that one of my trainer Mr Vinod Phutela has created miracle with NLP. He has trained his daughter with NLP and now the little girl has mesmerized every one in and around Kurukshetra by memorizing the whole Periodic table. The girl being in class three only has retained comfortably the contents of tenth class with NLP-Submodalities. What a wonderful contribution, Today Vinod is being approached by hundreds of parents and teachers who want the same results in their children. This is creating a positive belief in students there; that they too can do the same miracle.

If you wish to contact Vinod and the little girl you can see the magic telephonically also. Mr Vinod Phutela can be reached through his website give on my website ie

You too can do the same thing not only with yourself but also with the lot of people.

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