Friday, July 5, 2013

NLP: Where is the Money..

For a very important person….You
(As you believe in ‘out of box thinking’)

Earn Millions in a year
NLP: Neuro Linguistic Programming.
( spare just 15 minutes to know HOW!!!)

NLP is not just for getting a certificate!!!
NLP is not just for decorating your CV!!!
NLP is not just for upgrading your status on social sites!!!

NLP is a technology that can make you healthy & wealthy
As a Coach / Trainer / Personal counselor / Motivational Speaker!!!

I never wanted to be an NLP Coach, till one fine morning…….

Hi, my name is Ram Verma.
For the last twelve years I have been helping
students, parents, corporate, phobics, children suffering dyslexia, obese people,
and couples to have better options in life through my application/skills of
Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I never wanted to become an NLP coach,
but I was compelled by the situations and challenges
the life threw on me.
I not only took control of my life but also started
helping people from all walks of life.

For the last twelve years I have addressed more than five lacs of people
around the country.
I am the first person to introduce ‘FIRE WALK’ in my
workshops in 1999 to install new beliefs of possibilities.

Today, I am the only NLP coach in India who has been helping
students retain their syllabus in single reading through
Sub-modalities & Modeling (NLP techniques),

I am helping couple enjoy their relationships.
I am helping obese people to Program
and condition their minds to gain their ideal weight.
I am helping people get rid of their allergy
through Anchoring (NLP technique).
I am helping youth design their life outcomes.
I am helping corporate diagnose the core issues that kills their progress.
I am helping people come out of their phobias, confusion, depression,
loneliness, past traumas, and guilt.
And this all is achieved by NLP techniques.

Why most trainers lose their attitude in less than a week…….
It is seen that people learn NLP from various NLP trainers/organizations
to make NLP as their career options.
But, in no time, they are lost in the
crowd before they launch themselves in
the field of unlimited opportunities.
The main reason is that

(1) They lack the proper understanding of the subject,
(2) They don’t understand the benefits of NLP,
(3) They fail to apply NLP
(4) They don’t know how to make people do NLP exercises.
(5) They have no understanding of various domains/market;
as to where NLP techniques can be used to effect the required changes and
(6) Lack of the support and skill up-gradation from their mentor.

A Sorry-State

The failure of these participants is the failure of their trainer or training company.
In NLP, you are not teaching if there is no learning. It is like
‘The operation was successful, but the patient died’.
Today, NLP trainers and NLP training companies are interesting in attracting people in the name of certification only.
Certification may or may not be relevant in one or the other situation, but
This is what most trainers don’t tell their participants,
and by the time the course or training is over the participants have only a consolation
of certificate which eventually turns into a piece of paper in absence of the core skills of NLP.
And the attitude and belief of an aspiring coach is cut short. A murder of a fabulous inspiration…

The beginning

Areas/domains you can explore @ NLP …….
If you have learnt NLP or want to learn from anywhere and are unable to find what to do,
let me help you.
You can design various types of workshops that can fetch you continuous
unlimited wealth, fan following, satisfaction and a sense of contribution.
For example;
1. NLP Workshop for Weight Loss

2. NLP Workshop for students

3. NLP Workshop for Corporate

4. NLP workshop for Emotional Intelligence,

5. NLP workshop for General wellness

6. NLP workshop for ‘Depression to Delightfulness’

7. NLP workshop for Couples

8. NLP workshop for Pregnant women

9. NLP workshop for Confidence

10. NLP workshop for Sportspersons

11. NLP workshop for cricketers

12. NLP workshop for Sales

13. NLP Workshop for Leadership

The Real Wealth and Opportunities may not be in NLP initially;
but NLP-Based Public Programs….

You may find a lot of challenges in selling your NLP workshop initially,
but you will find that you are just out of competitions when
you design your NLP-Based programs.
My one ‘NLP for students’ workshop had more than 388 participants
(turnover worth 1.4 million in a day) in Akola on Jan 9, 2010; a town of Maharashtra.
This is what I recommend you.
Develop your NLP Skills beyond anybody
and offer it to people who really need them.
Today you have an amazing opportunity to tap in a
country that has a populations of 120 crores,
where people are looking for the coaches
who can guide them for better life.
Challenge yourself and make a leap in the market where at least
half a million empowering coaches are required
who can really make a difference.
So come forward to make a real difference by addressing real issues.
If this message sounds good enough and you
start feeling that you too can touch people’s life positively,
Here is a chance that you and
I can offer wonderful NLP workshops to the people and organizations in less than ten days!!!


Yes, you can choose to
Become an NLP coach in just eight days
with complete theoretical understanding of the subject

PLUS the complete practical approach
PLUS complete domain designing for you
PLUS life membership to attend workshops as many times and anywhere as you want free of cost
(You need to pay only the minimum charges of venue and food),
PLUS an opportunity to launch NLP programs in your city with me
(on win-win situation till you conduct your programs independently)
PLUS a consistent support to upgrade your NLP skills.
This is what I offer in my uniquely designed NLP coach program:
Applied Fundamentals of NLP:
Comprehensive Practitioner cum Coach Programme.
(From June 30 to July 8: Delhi)
Before you are convinced with my message just know what
you want to achieve; better health, social standing, professional growth,
a new career, mental and emotional health and relationship;
or all.
NLP with me will help you how to get all in minimum time and affordably.
Just send me your query for more to share at or visit my website

May God….
Before I conclude,
I wish you wonderful health to you and your family.
May you succeed in your life.
May the faces of your family members keep shining.
May your business keep growing.
May your crops remain green.
May God keep you safe in His soft palm.


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