Saturday, July 6, 2013

NLP for treating Dyslexia in children


I came across a child of nine years. He was introduced by his teacher. The child was having a challenge of remembering and retaining spellings. The teacher told me that he was suffering from dyslexia. I talked to the child for some time and discovered his learning strategies. And quickly found that his internal representation of any word was having a distorted visual sub-modalities. I made the child use his visual sense to learn a spelling. In the very first attempt, the child wrote the word correctly. Also, he was able to write the word from back to beginning.

If you have any child having the symptoms of dyslexia, I invite you to bring to me and let me train his mind with NLP (sub-modalities) to use the right strategies to learn and retain spellings however complicated the word is. It will take just half an hour to prove that the same child has all the resources to prove that he is equally able as are others. Parents, teachers and school authorities are welcome.

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