Sunday, July 7, 2013

My NLP trainers are making a mark in people's lives

It is a matter of happiness that Mr Ravindra Vishwakarma ( completed his NLP coach program on June 21and he has started his NLP training programs in Dhanbad. What a wonderful utilization of resources while people wait for months to complete and make a beginning. Ravindra Vishwakarma is not the first one to do so, my other NLP trainers who started their NLP trainings immediately after they completed their programs arwe Pawan Sharma, Monica Sharma, Rahul Bajaj (all three in Kanpur), Ved, Manjot Singh ang Rachna Saraf in Delhi, Vinod Phutela in Kurukshetra, Gaurav Dhavan in ShriGanganagar and many more....

People usually ask me how the whole course of NLP training can be covered in 8 days, and that too, at the level that people start their programs and training modules while other trainers take months together. My answer is that it depends upon the the coach who he utilities his own resources and the learning strategies of the participants and saving time and money of the participants.

You may have seen my demo where I can recall a big number of about 80 to 100 digits(without revising). This is done by my participants too in less than two days. I teach my participants to use different NLP methods together; using Sub-modalities, Modeling and Anchoring together. This is what I teach to my participants. It has possible because of my grand exposure to NLP and its application in last one and half decade and addressing more than half a million people.

If you are looking for creating wonderful results in your personal life, family, health, business or studies, I invite you to my eight day NLP training programs. I assure you it will be a unique learning experience for you.

My GUARANTEE; I make a promise that either you will gain the best human technology in the best way or you can ask you money back. Either way you are the winner.

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