Sunday, November 15, 2015

How To Get Rich In India

How I Changed The Belief About Money (Personal Experience)

During my training program in Gujrat, I met a person who was always having a belief that he will never attract money. On asking him as to how he has made this belief I came to know about his submodalities about money in his subconscious mind. (In NLP, Submodalities are the qualities if the images/audios/feelings about anything in mind).

I asked him to think about money and found that the images of money were a still photo placed at a distance. It was blurred and having no feelings.

Then I asked him to find out a thing for which he is sure about that this thing will come to him consistently and unconditionally. After a while he said, “Air”.

Now he has given me a clue of his subconscious as to what his subconscious is sure of achieving or having. I explored the submodalities of air now. He told me that he sees air continuously coming to him from all direction. The picture is clear and near in the front. Also, the feelings are soothing in the upper part. 

Now with the help of NLP Subconscious ReImprinting, I replaced the qualities of the images of money with the images of air. In no time, the person was able to see the money coming to him unconditionally and continuously. I helped him enjoy the same feeling while doing the replacement.

Friends, if you want to become rich, you need to replace limiting beliefs. And this all is possible through NLP. With NLP you can enjoy the ultimate Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

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