Monday, November 16, 2015

How To Perform Best in Sports

Become a top performer in your game with the Power of Subconscious Mind

Every sportsperson has a limited time and career where he has to perform at the peak to stay in the game or team. He not only needs the sports skills but also the ‘form’ or ‘zone’ or simply the’ right state of mind’ on the particular time when he is supposed to perform.

Whether you are a cricketer and playing the next IPL, or a shooter, wrestler or an athlete, you need to be in your zone at the right time. You can’t afford to postpone to the next game.

If you want to bring your best form back in an instant, here is the NLP technique called anchoring. With the help of ‘anchoring’, you will be able to put yourself in your resourceful state in the least possible time.

Anchoring is a process of creating a link between a state (that you need) and a trigger. It is based on Dr Ivan Pavlov’s experiment on conditioning of mind.

The process is simple, you, as a sportsperson need to put yourself in the most resourceful state and create a trigger (it could be visual, auditory or kinesthetic).

To put yourself in the most resourceful state, you can help yourself recall the time when you performed well;  and get associated fully with that event and state also.

This wonderful NLP exercise will help you become Dhonis, Tendulkars, Sehwags or Virats of cricket. You can shine as Sushils of wrestling or Sanias of Tennis.

You can learn more about anchoring in the video. Also, you can learn more about NLP Subconscious ReImprinting through 

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