Sunday, January 24, 2016

Claustropbobia may hamper your success & relationship

                           Your claustrophobia may hamper your success & relationship

Recently, I met a girl of marriageable age having a unique pattern of falling sick or getting depressed especially at the time when her parents look for a match for her and the things start getting finalized.  As soon, the girl find that she will be getting married soon, she fell sick or depressed.

While talking to that girl using precise questioning called Meta Model in NLP (Meta Model is the language model of asking precise question and reach the heart of the challenge), I found that the girl is not comfortable to enter a ‘closed’ relationship where she find herself (in her visualization) in the ‘trap’. On further precise communication I found that the girl in fact suffers from some phobia of ‘being closed’ having no route to escape.  

As her subconscious mind sees pain in being in the ‘closed’ relationship, the subconscious mind adopts a method for avoiding that situation where the ‘fear of being in closed’ is experienced. And this results into a long term sickness, loss of energy, frequent mood-swing or depression.

This fear is known as claustrophobia. Claustrophobia is the fear of having no escape and being in closed or small space or room. It can be the result of number of situations or triggers, like lift, crowded places, or offices/rooms having no windows. It is an anxiety disorder that could result into panic attack. As there is no fear in the awareness or consciously, but the subconscious distorts the situation as a ‘fearful’ one; and develops an experience of anxiety or panic even.

Usually, the person may have had some past experience where he/she might have been trapped in some room, elevator or car etc. The imprints of that event have been lying in their subconscious mind vividly. 

The cure is to remove that event from the subconscious mind. This can be done through NLP SubConscious ReImprinting under the guidance e of an NLP coach. 

In this process, the person needs to get dissociated from the situation that occurred in the past and see it from a distance. Having anchored for safety, the person need to make those imprints blurred and meaningless either by seeing the moving getting rewound or creating the frames still. Also, you need to handle the sounds that may be lying in the subconscious mind and triggering the challenge. 

Once the intensity of the experience is reduced to four or less out of ten, you are sure that the pattern will not repeat. If it is more than four, you need to repeat the exercise. The advisable thing is that while handling claustrophobia, you had better visit any NLP coach so that he can guide you well in case the patterns of anxiety surface. 

In case, you face this type of fear, it may hamper you from entering not only from ‘closed’ physical spaces like rooms, office and lifts but also ‘closed’ metaphorical spaces like ‘marriage’, ‘business deals’ or ‘personal commitments’.

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