Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Make your life masterpiece thru NLP ram verma

Make Life a Masterpiece

Khalil Gibran, one of the well known thinkers of the world rightly says that in life we either grow or decay. And this statement applies in every area of life, be it our physical health, mental well being, social standing, financial destiny or the relationship we are in. We are always heading for one or the other direction.

Hi, I am Ram verma. Friends, some unseen forces have brought you and me together through this message. For me, this is a wonderful opportunity to share with you some of the tools that millions of people are using to take control of their lives.

Life is not static. It keeps going on with or without your appreciation or permission. We all are heading towards our destiny. And our destiny is nothing but the results we are producing.

You and I are continuously producing results in life; some that we desire and deserve and some we don’t. The sum total of these results designs our lives. They determine who and what we will be, where we will be, who our friends will be and how we will be leading our lives.

Though none of us wants to produce the results that are detrimental to our lives, yet there seems a gap between the results we are producing and the results we need to produce; a gap between the action we are taking and the actions we need to take; a gap between the behaviors we are making and the behaviors we need to make. And this gap causes the ultimate pain in life.

We experience this pain in form of anger, discomfort, frustration, loneliness, guilt, sadness or depression. These emotions simply knock at to make us realize that there exists a gap between what is happening and what needs to happen.

To plug this gap and alleviate pain, we strive hard to change. We want to change the way we think, feel and act. To make an effort to change, we even make some conscious decisions. We write New Year resolutions, join some class or club or buy some books. But after some time resolutions are broken or delayed for next year, books are kept in cupboards, unread and classes are discontinued. And once again, we find ourselves stuck in the same old thinking, behaviors and habits. And it seems that life universe or our own energy don’t support us. And we come across a person sitting inside us saying to us, “I wish you were different.”

Friends, the challenges lie there and so does the solution too. You don’t lack resources that can address those challenges rather you lack the resourcefulness that controls these challenges. Once you get an access to the resourcefulness that lies within, you awaken the giant that has been sleeping within you.

Here is the technology that can help you take control of each area of your life; Neuro Linguistic Programming, a tool that you can use along with millions of people to transform your life.

NLP is software manual for your body and brain with which you will make desired results and create peak in your actions and results.

While concluding, I wish you a healthy and meaningful life. May you enjoy each moment of what you do. May you be the first recipient of the gifts God offers. May your family feel the ultimate bliss of life. May your career, business and profession grow the way you want.

With this message, I invite you to meet and make an effort to design this life a masterpiece……because you deserve it.



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