Monday, February 15, 2010

NLP & Self Image

Reprogramme Your Inner Self-Image & Create Miracles

Have you ever understood why some of the people show the following behavior?
• Why do some people lose their identity when they face even a petty challenge in life and are even resorted to committing suicide?
• Why do some people acquire a lot of wealth either because of lottery-wins or inheritance and lose it again almost as quickly?
• Why do people feel empty within their heart while they have a lot of materialistic wealth in the outer world?
• Why do some of the celebrities rise too high too fast and indulge in self destructive behaviour and falls back to earth?
• Why do some people fail to realize their dreams?
• Why do some people fail to attract wonderful health, wealth, social standing, financial independence and relationships in their life?

The reason is not their luck or they don’t get opportunities. The reason is that they lack a positive and resourceful inner self image. The poor self image makes them feel unworthy in their own eyes. We settle in life for what we feel we are worthy of.

If you want to create the wonders of attraction, create appreciation for yourself first. Heal your poor self image and make yourself worthy of every thing that this universe can gift you.

Come and enjoy my one of the most life-transforming workshop. It will enhance your life-energy, productivity and happiness.

Here lies the detail of the Workshop:
Name of the Workshop
Reprogramme Your Inner Self-Image
Date and Time
March 2010

To avoid any rush or disappointment, please reach the venue in time and take your seats. The seats are available on ‘first come first serve’ basis.

For schools, 1-day workshop available for 1. phobia/trauma elimination, 2. Confidence conditioning & 3. healing inner self-image/esteem & 4. overcoming unwanted habit.Free 2-hour preview availbale in Delhi and NCR on request.

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