Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NLP Changed My Life Ram Verma

How NLP Changed My Life

First time I came to know about NLP through Anthony Robbins' 'Unlimited Power'. I started practicing those techniques and changing my negative mind, body and language patterns to resourceful ones, and that too in a very short time, and some times in a few moments. Since then I have read many a book on NLP written by Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Joseph O'conor, Sue Knight and Steve Andrews. Not only this I have undergone various trainings by Richard Bandler's and Dr Horton's trainers also. Just by exercising NLP techniques I got rid of negative behaviors. I gained a tremendous amount of confidence. I enjoy good physical, mental and emotional health.

I learnt the NLP techniques called 'Modeling' and started producing the same results as the successful people were producing. I learnt 'rapport' and started getting connected to people and created a network of people. I learnt 'Meta Model and Meta Program' and became a communicator. I learnt 'Modalities and Sub-Modalities' and changed my negative and painful past memories and created enough space for positive and resourceful states. I learnt 'Anchoring' and came to know how to get the lost 'zone of excellence' in an instant. I learnt 'Reframing' and learnt how to change my negative behaviors and habits. Any one can learn all these techniques in five to six days and can take the control of his life.
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