Monday, February 15, 2010

NLP, basic terms

Some basic NLP terms are:

1. [b]Anchoring/Triggers
: The principle by which any stimulus or representation (internal or external) connects to, and triggers a response. (Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?)
2. Representational Systems: The way we access our world through our five senses, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory and olfactory. If we lacked all five of these, we would have no way to relate to our environment, inside or out.
3. Sub-modalities: Distinctions within each representational system that create the smallest building blocks, or in other words, all the pesky details of our thoughts. Most sub-modalities vary continuously, as if controlled by a dimmer switch.
4. Strategy: A set of explicit mental and behavioral steps used to achieve a specific outcome. It is how you know when it's time to do something, buy something, love someone, etc. For instance, you might see a new computer, feel the keyboard, think about it for a while to see if you really need it and then you might buy it. Or not.
5. Language Patterns: The observation of our choice of words and how it affects the way we represent and respond to our world. Can you see what I'm saying? Am I making myself clear? Everybody feels the same way, or does that smell fishy to you?
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