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Who is Ram Verma & NLP in India


My name is Ram Verma. I say that I am a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a friend, a reader of self-help books, a speaker and an entertainer. I am a student that keeps learning one of the most wonderful subjects, that is 'what motivates people to do whatever they do and how they can bring about the desired change in what they think and act'. This motivates me to look for various techniques and tools that can be helpful to us to take control of our lives. I came across NLP a few years back. I learnt it and became the first client of myself. And since then the journey of miracles has started.

The One Author Who Changed My World

In 2001, one of my friends suggested me a book called 'Unlimited Power' authored by Anthony Robbins and it became the turning point of my life. This book redesigned my world. So far I have read this book more than 80 times and still reading it. The book remains the same yet I become different every time. Since then I have been enjoying the zone of resourceful states in my life. thereafter I read the second book of Anthony Robbins called 'Awaken The Giant Within'. These two giant books helped me grow in every area of my life. Ever biggest thanks to Anthony Robbins.

How NLP Changed My Life

First time I came to know about NLP through Anthony Robbins' 'Unlimited Power'. I started practicing those techniques and changing my negative mind, body and language patterns to resourceful ones, and that too in a very short time, and some times in a few moments. Since then I have read many a book on NLP written by Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Joseph O'conor, Sue Knight and Steve Andrews. Not only this I have undergone various trainings by Richard Bandler's and Dr Horton's trainers also. Just by exercising NLP techniques I got rid of negative behaviors. I gained a tremendous amount of confidence. I enjoy good physical, mental and emotional health.

I learnt the NLP techniques called 'Modeling' and started producing the same results as the successful people were producing. I learnt 'rapport' and started getting connected to people and created a network of people. I learnt 'Meta Model and Meta Program' and became a communicator. I learnt 'Modalities and Sub-Modalities' and changed my negative and painful past memories and created enough space for positive and resourceful states. I learnt 'Anchoring' and came to know how to get the lost 'zone of excellence' in an instant. I learnt 'Reframing' and learnt how to change my negative behaviors and habits. Any one can learn all these techniques in five to six days and can take the control of his life.

From Fear to Firewalk

With the help of NLP I changed my self-esteem, internal image of myself, and gained confidence. In less than a year I addressed thousands of people and helped them grow in different areas of life. I conducted 'firewalk' seminars for them to experience life uniquely. The firewalk created for them new metaphor of possibilities. After gaining confidence, people came out of their limiting behaviors would walk across fifteen feet bed of coal burning at 2500 degree celcius and create a new resourceful reference for their life that 'if I can do this I can do any thing'.

I Invite You...

I invite you to be more, have more and contribute more positively. You have a tool that million of people are using across the globe to take control of their lives. It is your turn now. Join the next batch and see how things change around you. You may be a parent, a son, a mother, a daughter, a student, a job seeker, an employer, a businessman, a corporate executive, a therapist, a preacher, a sales person or an individual seeking excellence in any fields, you have a magnificent tool to design your life the way you want.

I invite you to be on the better side of life. I invite you to enjoy each moment you are gifted with. I invite you to play your innings wonderfully. I invite you to accept the reward that life has in store for you.

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