Monday, February 15, 2010

NLP Workshop In Delhi/India by Ram Verma

Comprehensive NLP Workshop

This 5-day Life Transforming Certification Programme:

People Do Make Time For NLP Training.

Ram Verma designs the most effective and time saving Fast Track NLP course; Applied Fundamentals of Neuro Linguistic Programming (AFNLP)

Come on! Take 5 days off & enjoy the company of amazing participants from all corners of the country (may be globe, who knows?) and learn the amazing technology to stay in control in each field of your life. You will appreciate the fact that life gives us as much as we deserve to attain and retain. Be the source of attraction of the things you desire and deserve in life. This is why you definitely have a need to learn more of this technology. You may have read books, done home tutorials, listened to audio tapes, and watched videos - with the hope that you could master NLP, but remember, NLP is a skill, a model of communication and language, a technology, an art, a science, and an experience, and this is why it needs practical approach.

You can read a lot about swimming, you can watch people swim a lot, and also you can listen to all instructions about swimming life long, yet you can't learn swimming until you jump into the pool and experience what swimming is.

This 5-day program aims at coaching you to a point where you are able to understand and apply NLP techniques to transform yourself and others around you. A number of life transforming activities are interspersed to experience and use these NLP techniques to overcome life barriers and make way to reach the better side of life. The training program is designed to identify and eliminate your limiting and unresourceful patterns/beliefs.

You will learn the tools of how to turn this rapid-change technology a reality. You will learn in easy-to-comprehend Hinglish -- from the person who has addressed more than one lac people in more than twenty five cities in the last nine years and exposed the secret myth of NLP. This will be an intensive, entertaining and educational hands-on worth remembering experience.

Why you need to take this course NOW:
This unique life-changing training program will help you
• Understand yourself and people better than you ever have before.
• Respond to others in all of your communications, and get more of what you desire.
• Alter your thinking pattern and be more effective.
• Set amazing goals in ways that ensure success.
• Be able to build instant rapport with anyone.
• Take control of almost any situation.
• Remove the emotional charge from unpleasant and painful memories.
• Eliminate and remove difficulties in your personal and personal life by identifying and altering the patterns that create them.
• Learn how to improve and use states of mind and body.
• Create useful states of mind, and use the best states of mind at the worst of times.
• Break out of unwanted emotional states of mind at will.
• Have your best resources available to you any time you need them, by developing your personal circle of excellence.

Comprehensive NLP; Basic and Master Combined Practitioner Residential Course
24th April to 28th April 2010.
Ram Verma.
Varindavan (A well known place known for Lord Krishna’s birth on Delhi Agra Road, 90 km from Delhi).
Course Investment
30,000/- [Includes course fee with master certification from AFNLP, Boarding & Lodging with twin sharing].

Course Investment (For International Students)

$ 600/- [Includes course fee with master certification, Boarding & Lodging with twin sharing]

Registration closes on March 30, 2010 or at 20 participants (whichever is earlier, so decideand ACT NOW!).
Contact: Ish +91-92 151 92 181, or email:

Course Outline: This module is the first step towards tapping the amazing power of Neuro Linguistic Programming effectively and utilizing the resources of your subconscious mind. This course will enhance your abilities of communication and creativity and massage the builder brain, also known as right brain.

The course methodology: Lectures for understanding the mechanism of mind and NLP, experiential learning, group exercises, role plays, powerful visualization and relaxation techniques etc.

Course Content:
• Understanding the Conscious mind (the thinking mind) and subconscious mind (the builder mind)
• Personalized Internal Representational Systems to understand the individual approach to communication
• Eye accessing cues and eliciting resourceful states instantaneously
• Building and maintaining multi-level rapport with both individuals and groups
• Developing Sensory Acuity - Seeing and Hearing expertly and calibrating
• Understanding world reality and my perception and handling people
• Improving personal relationships: Power of Positive Reasoning.
• Removal of unwanted behavior and integrating conflicting beliefs
• Phobia cure and negating irritating experiences
• Anchoring: Accessing personal strengths and resources at will
• Quick behavior Generator: Adopting and adapting to new behavior
• Changing personal history and getting excited of what you wish to do
• Relaxation and anchoring peace and other resourceful states
• Working on powerful goals and eliciting the barriers and limitation in growth
• Learning language patterns and how to use them to get the required results
• Meta model patterns
• Meta Programs
• Rapport building in advance stages
• Reframing behaviors to get the desired results
• Capturing the stage for powerful presentations
• Time line

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive the certificate from Ram Verma of his unique version known as 'Applied Fundamentals of NLP, also known as AFNLP.

Payment Information:
01. The course fee is payable by Cash / Demand Draft / Cheque favoring 'Ram A. Verma' payable at Delhi.
02. For All kinds of local, National and International Bank Transfers please write in to the programme convener through email to:

• A certified coach in Neuro linguistic Programming from the NFNLP, trained under the Dr. William Horton’s coach, President, NFNLP Florida, USA. He is an NLP therapist and also advanced research scholar on Applied Fundamentals of Neuro linguistic programming and its effects on the human behaviour. He is also proficient in individual, family and organizational counseling and therapies.

• Has addressed, motivated and coached over thousands of students, teachers, professionals, executives, senior management, homemakers etc. on exploring their Inner potential, motivation, powerful communication in day-to-day practical life encounters.

• He is the only coach in India, who has developed wide range of NLP techniques to produce wellness mastery, self-image mastery and excellence mastery. His techniques like immunity booster, self-image mastery, wealth mastery and happiness mastery have been a boon for producing amazing wellness excellence.

• He has produced a magnificent NLP based workshop called ‘Personal Excellence ’ in which he makes participants walk across a bed of burning coal by putting them in resourceful states. The NLP coach who has been achieving a unique feat of eliminating people's life long phobia and trauma in less than 30 min with 100% guaranteed results.

• He conducts workshops on Becoming a person of excellence, Eliminating life long phobias and traumas, Selling through NLP, Inspiration and motivational NLP based seminars, Communication and Interpersonal relationships, Business presentation skills, Creativity and probability thinking, Team building and metamorphosis leadership. He has also taken a number of workshops on training the trainer. He is accredited by the NFNLP Florida to take basic and master certification workshop and has over 1000 students addressed and trained by him in Applied Fundamentals of NLP.

• He has handled educational institutions - schools, colleges and universities [both teachers and students], corporate bodies [from gross level to senior management level] and other organizations.

• All his seminars, workshops, and all his programs are totally based on NLP techniques, the methodology which is the core of achieving excellence in personal life and work. He is proficient in English and Hindi.
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