Monday, February 15, 2010

NLP for your wellness

Know who you are


Your three pond brain controls over 100 billion nerve cells by sending impulses 45 miles through a network of nerves at a speed of 145 miles to 250 miles per hour. More than 100,000 different chemical reactions occur in your brain every second. The storage capacity exceeds 4 trillion bytes. The human brain recognizes and remembers some 10,000 different odors and more than 7 million colors. The brain is about 85 percent water and uses 20 percent of the body’s entire oxygen requirement.

Hi, I am Ram, I will be sharing with you some of the unique skills that have been used by millions of people around the globe, and if you practice them they can change your life. Before coming to those wonderful transforming skills, let us know who we are.

Your heart weighs 9 to 11 ounces, begins to beat about 4 weeks after conception, and is usually fully developed by 8 weeks. It continuously circulates 5 quarts of blood on a 100,000 mile journey through your body via the arteries and veins. By the time you are 70 years old, your heart will have beat 2.5 billion times and pumped about 1 million barrels of blood. That is enough blood to fill more than three supertankers. Your body produces more than two million red blood cells every second and each red blood cell contains 270 million hemoglobin molecules. It takes about 20 second for a red blood cell to circle your entire body. If placed end to end, the tiniest blood vessel, called capillaries, would stretch over two times around the world. The heart produces enough pressure to squirt a stream of blood around 30 feet. The resting heart works twice as hard as the leg muscles of a person who is sprinting.

Each day, you take about 23000 breaths, inhaling more than 10000 quarts of air into your lungs. Each lung contains roughly 30000 bronchioles, which are tiny tubes about the thickness of a hair. At the end of each bronchiole is a clump of miniscule air sacs called alveoli. Stretched out, the approximate 600 million alveoli in your lungs would cover a tennis court. Each tiny alveolus has a mesh-type covering of blood capillaries, vessels so narrow that your blood cells have to b e lined up single file to pass through them.

Your skin is the largest organ and the heaviest, weighing in at around 6 pounds. Skin is the most refined sensing device ever created. Conservatively speaking, an area of skin about the size of an adult’s thumbnail contains roughly 3 million cells, 3 feet of blood vessels, 12 feet of nerves, and 100 sweat glands. Your body produces a new layer of skin every 30 days. Your finger tips are covered by a thick, tough layer of skin arranged in a pattern unique to you. No other person in the world has your exact finger prints.

While reading any thing, your eyes will swing back and forth about 100 times a second, and every second the retina performs 10 billion or so computer-like calculations. You blink an average of 25 times a minute and over 6 million times a year. Each blink uses over 200 muscles.

Millions of microscopic hairs in your inner ear help convert wave vibrations into electrical nerve signal that the brain interprets as sound. A person’s listening capacity is from 400 to 600 words per minute; the average speaking rate is 125 to 150 words per minute.

Your nose filters, warm or cools, and humidifies over 500 cubic feet of air every day. It delivers data to the brain on over 10,000 odors. The highest sneeze speed is 165 kilometers per hour.

Your tongue has more than 10,000 taste buds that sense sweetness, bitterness, saltiness, and sourness. You mouth make about a liter of saliva a day. After about 70 years, that is enough saliva to fill two swimming pools. Your stomach contains 35 million digestive glands. Your body produces a new stomach lining every 5 days.

Your human body has 206 bone and over 100 joints. Your body has over 600 muscles, and eye movement alone uses about a third of them.

Your body has around 60 trillion cells, and each cell has its own DNA (life’s incredible building code). Stretched out, the DNA of one cell would be about 6 feet long. All the DNA in your entire could fit inside one ice cube- but if unwound your DNA would reach from the earth to the sun and back again nearly 400 times.

Your kidney contains over a million tiny tubes called nephrons. The combined length of the nephron tubes in both kidneys is about 50 miles.

The liver is you body’s perfect chemist. The liver performs over 500 functions, and if a portion of it were removed, it would continue functioning and rapidly grow back to its regular size.

Friends, it simply shows that…

Your human body is a miracle almost beyond comprehension.

Now question is when we have so wonderful system to support us, the why we fail to achieve the thing that we want to achieve. Why we fail to attract the people of our choice, wealth that we deserve, the health we wish to relish. Why we fail to take single action that can change our life and the lives of the people we care about. Why? Why?

And some of the reasons for that are Fears, phobias and traumas. And today I will share with you in this mini workshop called ‘Unleash Your Unlimited Power’. I will share with you how to dissociate from fear and go ahead. I will share as to how build your confidence and take action and get the life that you desire and deserve. I will help you eliminate your phobias and traumas. These two things turn people’s lives into life sentence. Fears, phobias and traumas hold you back to achieve the wonders that you deserve. They are the reasons of more and more pain in your life. These are the things that kill your empowering beliefs, motivation, attitude and commitment in your personal and professional life. These are the things that are compelling our young students commit suicide.

These fears come in form of not tasking any action, postponement, fear of losing love of some one, fear of poverty, fear of unknown. People have phobia of water, flying in aero planes, facing public, exam phobia, public speaking, and interview.

Life traumas too kill our productivity. Past painful memories like losing some one, memories of any accident, memory of any loss, memory of any attack keep killing your present and future.

Today you and I are going to learn to erase those patterns from our lives. Are you ready? If yes, you can do miracles just visit my website,

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